A couple of weeks ago I shared a photo in our private Facebook group The Tough Mothers Village of me in a pink fluffy dressing gown, eating condensed milk out of a can. #HighlightOfMyLife embarassed

Unfortunately, some sh*t had hit the fan, that stressed me out. And this was part of my way to cope with it.


Sharing that photo made me realise that we are often in situations where the sh*t has hit the fan. None more serious than what is currently happening in the world with the novel coronavirus.


Stress is so debilitating. Which is why I wanted to share with you 5 simple exercises you can do NOW (at home!) to not only reduce stress immediately, but also prepare your brain to better deal with stress as it comes up.


This FREE series of strategies I put together for you not only shares these 5 ways to help train your brain, but also explains how they work.


Whether it is small sh*t, medium sh*t or massive sh*t, these same principles apply to reduce stress.



There is no opt-in. So, please forward it to anyone you think might benefit from it, especially during this crisis. This is not just for mums, so please share the love.

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Supporting mums is what I live for. If you, or a mum you know, is feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, alone, isolated or scared during this unprecedented time, please contact me for complimentary support.


I’d love some help 🙂


We are stronger together.
Please stay safe!

Jen x


Q: What is it you offer?

A: Individualised support for mothers, using self-directed neuroplasticity (the ability for you to change your own brain) as a basis.

It sounds much more complex than it is. Don’t let the science scare you, that is just the part that proves it works.        

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I will share each strategy one at a time, so you have plenty of time to implement each one, and start training your brain. So, be sure to check my blog regularly, or sign up to get priority access.

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